Fluorite - Concentration + Focus (8mm bead)

Fluorite - Concentration + Focus (8mm bead)

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Fluorite will always be dear to me because I used it a lot when I was studying for my licensing exam. It is praised for it's abilities to aid concentration, organization, and decision making. A perfect stone for students and those who want to improve their mental clarity. Not only that, but it is excellent to help manage stress. Try meditating while wearing fluorite and see what ideas flow to you.

Beads: Genuine Rainbow Fluorite 8mm

The standard size of the bracelets are ~18cm circumference/6.5cm diameter. You may request a different size in the notes for seller section at checkout.

All bracelets are handmade with love and light and should last you years to come if cared for properly. The elastic is durable and has been pre-stretched, however, I recommend that you gently roll your bracelet on. To prolong the life of your bracelet please do not immerse it in water.

Your bracelet is made specifically for you - please allow up to 7 days for the creation of your new jewelry.

*Crystal information not to be taken as or to replace medical advice from a healthcare professional.